They’ll Never Give Him Web-Pits in Any Movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Marc Webb Sexin’ Up the Shaft, 2012

I was rooting for this before it came out.  Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. I truly have come to dislike Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies.  So I wanted for this reboot.  It really worked for me and works for me the more I think about it.  Choices they made are smart and seem pretty considered against both staying true to the source material and what will work in a movie.  Complaints lodged against the movie have been that we did all this in 2002’s Spider-Man.  True.  It retreads an origin told so many times that if the origin was a squirrel hit by a car and then backed over and over and over and over so many times that it’s a blood soaked dishrag by the time you pick it up to eat it. Anyway, Spider-Man 2002 Go America was superficial and emotionally stupid with dull leads.  This is not, so better. I’ll always prefer the non-stupid version of something.   It also took the risk of having Marvel (Jim Shooter) plot design.  It sets up a villain A-plot that gets paid off here and 2 or 3 subplots that will get paid off in the next movies.  It’s a very confident move when you realize that’s what they are doing and easily confused with laziness if one doesn’t.   Because Marvel superhero comics are, to me, as the disposable products of fun they are, carried by the charisma of the star and a narrative based on momentum.  This is the stuff Amazing Spider-Man wants.  Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is likable, fallible, funny, rash, intelligent, biting, angry, whiny and a screw-up.  He thinks things through half the time (the web-snare in the sewer) and unthinkingly fucks up the other half (having his real name on his camera.) Just like any teenager/anybody.   I wanted for this thing and I was happy to be able to buy in.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2012


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