Dreams are More Interesting Than Ikea Furniture, Inception.

M83.-Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, 2011

I really like the new M83. album.  I, like so many others, anticipated it greatly and Anthony Gonzalez (who is M83.) built it up as a great epic.  Well it is and it isn’t.  So it is that while I like the M83. album I wanted to capital L-Love it and I can’t say that I do.  It has brought new rewards with subsequent re-listens.  I’m aware of the tricks in the M83 bag so I know what changes Gonzalez has made from past albums.

The double-album clocks in at 74-minutes but feels incredibly compact.  This is the fastest moving M83. album by far.  Gonzalez has decides to use numerous 1-2 minute interlude tracks to build the dreamy landscape of HUWD.  That is a huge compliment this album has a feeling of constructiveness and world-building that is enchanting if not, for me, entrancing.  Past M83. song have had longer run times and these singles had very moving sweep.  I compliment him for trying to translate that to an album length by inverting (is that the right word?) his formula.  But it does lead to far fewer standouts as far as songs go.  The “Intro” with Zola Jesus has this wailing evangelical choir chant that makes for a strong start. The lead single “Midnight City” will burn into your brain with its snoot trumpet rhythm and a Sax solo that 100 percent fucking lands.   “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire” is where Gonzalez finally creates a spoken word track that not only works but, where past spoken word efforts have been painful to get through/skip button worthy, works spectacularly well thinks to its Nintendo candy-coated rhythm.

But these all have standard 3-5 minute run times and I miss the long-form textures of old.  Especially at the end where the standard 10 minute plus closer of old is nowhere to be found. Usually the most mesmerizing of M83. songs (the choir-riffic “Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun”, the subtle hum of “Midnight Souls Still Remain”, the intricate “Beauties Can Die”) I do miss it an opportunity for an epic close to an epic album.

That said it is an impressive, fast-moving, texture rich work whose ambitions I appreciate and whose value will definitely grow over time.  But, I can  learn to love you!

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011

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