Hall & Oates & Zeppo

The Walkmen-You & Me/Lisbon (2008/2010)


“Red Moon” came on an episode of “Breaking Bad” and The Walkmen popped back into my mind grapes.  This is a band that lives in that Yo La Tengo territory of knowing what it is exactly that they do, do it very well, and it never gets boring. That’s called consistency everybody and I admire the hell out of it.

Wilco-The Whole Love

The first four songs and the closer are the best aspects of “A Ghost is Born” and “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” smashed together. Experimental in a way that is non-offputting and fantastically hooky like Wilco knows how to be.  The rest is standard Wilco filler that would’ve come from any of their last few albums but the spread of them all in a row without high points to break them up is troublesome.

Mates of State-Mountaintops

The opener is the feel good song that is going to get people through the early autumn.  Fantastic fluff feel good cuteness for those who have the stomach for such things (which I do.)

Smith Westerns-Dye it Blonde

This is one of the times when I wish I had encyclopedic knowledge of music so I could drop reference bombs all about who these guys sound like and be the cool.  But I can’t do that and that’s my failure as a person for picking comic books over music as the “thing I know about.”  These guys should tour with Japandroids.

Stockholm Belongs to Us-A Labrador Record Compilation

Free on Amazon. The Swedish know how to craft super lush pop songs.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011

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