Some Thoughts on “The Trial of The Flash” of which I’m a third of the way through

Showcase Present: The Trial of The Flash

The through line on all these issues so far is that being close to a superhero is a disastrous thing to be.  My sympathy isn’t so much lying with The Flash because HIS life is fucked up. It’s with all the people whose lives are fucked up because of him. Even before the story kicks into gear the story reveals the gruesome death of The Flash’s first wife and now The Flash is getting married again.  Incidentally this is when the man (The Reverse-Flash, who for those who don’t know, is Flash’s evil opposite to the point that his costume is the same as Flash’s but with the main color and the trimmings reversed, booyah) who killed her comes back. Instead of seeking out help The Flash actively refuses help citing that classic action man code of “this is personal”.  So all the results of what happen after that rest with The Flash and that rather stupid decision and its all kind of his fault.  Flash kills Reverse-Flash accidentally saving his second bride-to-be but misses his own wedding because of it.  He gets arrested on a Manslaughter charge.  He fakes the disappearance of his alter-ego because the trial will so subsume his life that being Barry Allen again will be impossible.  His bride-to-be goes insane after her near death and Barry’s disappearance (she doesn’t know he’s really The Flash of course.)  He hires a lawyer and then that lawyer almost gets killed later too.  The lawyer’s partner takes over the case but hates The Flash because of the aforementioned near-death.  Disaster upon disaster happens simply because The Flash exists.

I’m enjoying it so much.  This sort of fallout of consequences stuff, I’m really into it.  Where violence and action don’t stand on their own, aren’t in a bubble.  I’m only a third of the way through the book and because The Flash doesn’t stop, because he can’t stop (being an ongoing character in a serial narrative) writer Cary Bates won’t let up on him and it’s only going to get stranger.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011

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