Extension Cord Belt

Some stuff I’ve listened to in bite-sized snippets that get me a shit-load of hits.  Some of these are from last year and I’m listening to them now because I didn’t know they existed last year because I’m not fucking the cool like you are and know about Three Eyes Blind and The Ghostbusters, you hepcats.



This is that sort of symphonic Euro-pop, like Camera Obscura or Belle and Sebastian, that is in no way manly to like as much as I do.


Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped

This is like my third favorite album this year.  An album whose pop high flows are very, very high and whose ebbs are noble misses, which is the nicest way I could figure out how to say that.


Everything is Dancing

It’s like Vampire Weekend minus the douchebag college boy thing that makes everybody hate Vampire Weekend.  Thirty minutes of this is the right amount.



Sleep Forever

Man, just read the Wikipedia entry on this band.  They know a lot of people with stylish skinny pants and such. This is boring in spots like most of my encounters with anything called “lo-fi” but the opener is the straight-up shit, gang.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011

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