What is nepotism called when it’s for your friends?

I have to assume that my readership is mostly local and people I know on the Facebag and random google searches with occasional cascading from other places.  So this is either paying it forward or whoring it out but here are a few local dealies to enjoy.


Recess Fest is a, so far, semi-annual music festival that plays venues all over Charlotte for three days.  The quality of acts is high and diverse (and ever-improving) and the scheduling is top-notch (little to no overlap.)  They have two fundraisers on Saturday, a Yardsale in the morning and a show at Snug Harbor in the evening. Be a pal and fork over some dough.


Is an online music mag that covers a wide expanse of the local and state(s)wide happenings.


A groovy blog of fashion, poetry, shirt-collars, and fussy cats, which are all things I admire.  Also check out her tumblr which like my own tumblr is a the concise dumping ground version of our obsessions + shit that looks cool.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011


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