God wants to see The Hangover 2 first, then we’ll get an Apocalypse

Inside Deep Throat

Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato, 2005

This thing just does not hang together that well.  Whenever they get into the production of Deep Throat (porn, you), its success, the stories of its stars, anything that is actually connected to the movie it keeps attention.  When it veers off into discussions of the cultural politics of the time it just becomes a string of old people saying buzz words about the sexual revolution and being honest this is a doc about porn so these old people are pervs.  It also has that Boogie Nights effect of the happy fucking first half and the real ass second half where porn makes everyones lives pathetic looking…which isn’t wrong I just can’t think the contrast of sadness would be that strong.  Oh and let’s do this: Is pornography art? No.  It’s pornography. It really is its own thing.

The Other Guys

Adam McKay, 2010

This movie has lots of little bits and bobs floating around in it that are hilarious.  A supporting cast that seems to be very game for everything, really lift up the quality.  Ferrell and Wahlberg do the stuff they’ve done before.  Sam Jackson and The Rock have a lot of fun with their brief roles, the characters meeting a fantastic end.  Eva Mendes I just have a weakness for, I do, she’s a pretty lady with marigold skin.  Michael Keaton as the Captain who works part-time at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and quotes TLC songs is the fucking champion here.  Keaton returning to comedy in stand out effortless roles like this sounds like an awesome latter-day career move for him (he just showed up in 30 Rock recently.)

La jetee

Chris Marker, 1962

This inspired 12 Monkeys.  It’s a movie made up 98% of photographic images strung together.  It’s about a dude in the post-apocalyptic future who is the subject in a time-travel experiment.  He’s sent back into the past…to see if he can go back in the past?  So that he can later go into the future? He does that. That yields results.  In the past he just assails a women he doesn’t know who is weirdly accepting of this dude and his story. Because love, this thing is half n’ hour so go with it. Okay, I get in General why this film is celebrated, in theory I get it.  It has some cool baseline ideas but it just can’t stop from feeling art school film.  If you don’t figure out the twist within a second of the setup you’re an idiot.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011

2013 Update-This is really embarrassing to read two years later. Dear God.

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