Comicdashery! or “This Song is Called Fuck”

I’m in a holding pattern right now.  I’m waiting for that Gottfredson Mickey Mouse book.  I’m behind on 20th Century Boys, but shit were all behind on that because of its tendency to veer off for long periods of time and drop out characters without you noticing for a long time.  Remember that young detective guy with the fur hooded jacket? What happened to that guy?  I need to start picking up on the trashy goodness of Gantz again because I like swelling tits and nihilism as much as any guy who would put those two things together in a sentence.  All the stuff I’m interested in is in pre-order mode and that Thor Simonson Omnibus looks ugly as fuck with its overdone Marvel recoloring.  I’m trying to read what Michael DeForge I can…but really I’m just reading Showcase Jonah Hex (which really takes off when Michael Fleischer takes over) and superhero comics which are superhero comics and I do my best with what I spend my money on there I guess.

Batman, Incorporated #5 (yeah its supposed to have a comma I’m sure of it)

Grant Morrison, Yanick Paquette, Michel LaCombe, Nathan Fairbairn, Pat Brosseau

DC Comics, 2011

i haven’t really come to my conclusions on current Grant Morrison Batman stuff.  I came back to it because of Frazer Irving art after leaving it for shitty Phillip Tan art after coming back to it for Frank Quitely having left because of Tony Daniels.  The Irving stuff was great and Morrison can work a high point when he wants to. Return of Bruce Wayne was a garbled thing with some great moments of clarity and some cool shit from cool Peter Milligan Batman comics and thats the thing.  Batman, Incorporated has become Grant Morrison swallowed up  by Batman comics a preoccupation with replanting old Batman continuity into now. Batman comics about Batman comics.  BUT I submit to you that is the point.  All the coding has been about rings and the dragon eating its own tail and this is all going to be a commentary about the cyclical nature of superheroes again, like how he finished New X-Men but hopefully less bummed out as he clearly was at the end.  Whether a long coded commentary about the illusion of change in superhero comics is something your interested in…I don’t know…its pretty lively though and this is the longest Morrison Batman has gone without the art turning to shit…I dig it but I think he’s still holding out on going all the way Bob Haney, man.

Detective Comics #876

Scott Snyder, Jock, David Baron, Sal Cipriano

DC Comics, 2011

On the other hand I think this is actually really trying to be about something.  All this stuff about Gotham being a shifting city and a reactionary organism made to corrupt or kill you or drive you mad.  That’s some cool shit, like The Haunting, where Gotham is Hill House and it wants Dick Grayson. Then there is Jock, the baby of early Sean Phillips and Bill Sienkiewicz. Doing this shit.

Plus that part where the girl falls out of the whale.  Oh and those last two issues by Francavilla where he refused to color human skin the color of human skin.  Snyder’s comics are some of the few where its all working really in unison man (Brubaker and Phillips I’d say so too and Mignola/Corben.)

Journey into Mystery #622

Kieron Gillen, Dougie Braithwaite, Ulises Arreola, VC’s Clayton Cowles

Marvel Comics, 2011

I liked this!  Really a nice surprise.  It sounded like from Marvel’s PR (mmhm)like it was going to be another black ops book but with Loki and the Warriors Three in the tradition of the conceptually wobbly Secret Avengers and those not-Opena drawn X-Force issues.  What we get is neat Gaiman-esque style that doesn’t ring false or try to be cute like that stupid Gaiman Batman story.  Baroque stuff about Magpies, a neat puzzle story, a cool explanation for some shitty Bendis writing (I don’t hate Bendis but Siege was shitty) and Braithwaithe is one of the itsy bitsy few in superhero comics who can properly be shot straight from pencils.  I dig it.

The Mighty Thor #1

Matt Fraction, Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin, VC’s Joe Sabino

Marvel Comics, 2011

Boy, those Thor issues Fraction wrote before this, those got really out of hand.  What the fuck was that story about?  How does chopping down a tree stop those Red Guys?  Whatever.  This was better.  Fraction’s asshole Odin is something I really approve of.  Did you ever read those old Lee/Kirby Thor’s?  Odin was a DICK.  He was always cutting his son’s power in half and exiling him and being a mean motherhater gottashutdaclubdown.  I also like that the selling point thing for the Thor movie, the new Thor #1, is the pinkest comic book I’ve seen in a long time.  The covers pink, that abyss they go down into in silly armor is pink, pink blood, pink sparkle crotch.  ESPECIALLY PINK SPARKLE CROTCH.

Dude seriously, this is a TERRIBLE first issue. No one new to Thor would ever be able to figure out what the fuck is going on.  Remember Invincible Iron Man #1 by Fraction?  In terms of writing (definitely not the art shinyskinJoshHolloway) it works because it lays out what the comic book version of Iron Man is like, where the differences between the movie and comic versions  are for people who walked out of a movie theater into a comic book store (I thought this was a Starbucks, sorry.)  But this thing, plot-wise doesn’t make any fucking sense because why is anybody doing anything and who are these people and what happened to the Matt Fraction who wrote interesting shit at Marvel like Punisher War Journal and Immortal Iron Fist?  Oh, he got Uncanny X-Men and Greg fucking Land and joined the Marvel Fraternity and became artistically compromised because that’s what happens to adults.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011


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