Green Lantern #63

Geoff Johns, Ed Benes, Adrian Syaf, Rob Hunter, Vicente Cifuentes, Randy Mayor, Steve Wands

Published by DC Comics

There are one of two things going on with Green Lantern.  One, is that it has become Uncanny X-Men in 1988-1989, those really drifting issue after Inferno where the plot and the characters drifted around with no place to go for a long time.  This may be that except that 1989 Chris Claremont is +50 to today’s Geoff Johns.  The other thing that could be going on is that Geoff Johns has fallen very very in love with his own plot.  Because let’s face it Green Lantern ain’t a character book.  Johns might be in love with Hal Jordan ( I mean IN love)but that doesn’t make the character not a boring piece of shit…like most comic book characters?  So when its been asked in this comic when the last time Green Lantern was just Hal Jordan my response is shut the fuck up there is a plot afoot.

Invincible Iron Man #500.1

Matt Fraction, Salvador Larrocca, Frank D’Armarta, VC’s Joe Caramagna

Published by Marvel Comics

The idea of these .1 issues is that they are supposed to bring in new readers to titles.  What that really means is lapsed readers, current comics buyers, just yanking at that 100,000 leash a little bit more baby.  Without going into it these things have been very flawed in execution both publishing and storywise…plus Daken is getting one and Daken sucks except for Giuseppe Camuncoli.  Anyway in this issue of IRON MAN the SUPERHERO COMIC the main character goes to an AA meeting talks in vague generalities to the visual of shitty Moebius rip-offs.  The character goes onto berate the coffee and then pick up an emotionally raw alcoholic woman because he couldn’t fuck his secretary because a sex addiction problem is fine for a dude, he’s got an Iron Dick and an alcoholism fetish.  Next issue he’ll have a hooker hold an open bottle of Jack Daniels under his nose while he masturbates and cries and talks about the future.  Plus the skin, what is with the skin in this book?

Amazing Spider-Man #655

Dan (sweating the deadline) Slott, Marcos (the main man) Martin, Muntsa (knuckles)Vicente, Joe (Sam Rosen Would Envy You) Caramagna

Published by Marvel Comics

This makes me think of a couple of things.  Authorial voice seems to be very important at Marvel Comics these days.  Fraction’s Iron Man and Thor, Hickman’s FF, Bendis’ Avengers, etc.  But not Amazing Spider-Man and not Dan Slott.  Because let’s face it all of those former characters have pretty changeable personalities and voices and can be lent to the authorial mode because Stan Lee, to use a music metaphor hopefully correctly, gave them a the same baseline.  Not Spider-Man, he’s distinct, he has a personality, and a way to talk and I think a writer has to backseat himself to his authorial voice in service to Spider-Man.  That is why Slott works here.  It’s not innovative but it hasn’t been innovative since issue 38 in 66′ baby.  Amazing Spider-Man is comfort food.  It’s a piece of pie and a cup of good coffee.

If you want innovation in superhero comics, it needs to come from the art.  So even “Spider-Man grapples with his death guilt redux part 45” can be spruced up by this sort of thing.

There we go.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011

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