Comicdashery!-Content Cheat

In which I list things I’m consuming which will be future blog posts or are just interesting to me.

-I just got L.A. Confidential on the nicer DVD for cheap on Amazon and I’ll watch it again and then come back and tell you why it is one of my favorites.  Probably do a back to back with Ran.  I’m usually one who puts distance between viewings or readings of things but I’m trying to change that. So…

-So I went through some of my comics and pulled out a few things.

*The first five issues of Criminal from the original series, the “Coward” Storyline. God this was like 4 or 5 years ago.  I barely remember it and now its new to me again.  The back matter will probably be the most interesting thing to read.  These issues are more dense than I remember.

*That Howard Chaykin Blackhawk Mini-Series.  Bought this a couple of years ago from a dollar bin and realized I hadn’t actually read it yet.  I never got to his Enemy Ace run either in the Showcase Edition.  Might be a good combo to do…Chaykin’s love of Jewiness, Suits, and Fucking are talked about a lot but he loves bi-planes too and can draw the fuck out of a dogfight.

*King City #1-2.  One of my favorites from last year but these two came back out in 09’…so I don’t much remember it.   As I’ve stated I loved this series casual tone.  So it is not surprising I don’t remember it because the series isn’t about moments or plot points but the junk between that stuff. King City invokes the feeling of reading comics, a sense memory of having read it and what it was like.  I’m gonna re-imbibe this one in smaller pieces rather than a big chunk…that feels right for some reason.  A no pressure comic book.

* The most recent thing I pulled out was Baltimore: The Plague Ships from this past Winter.  It’s weird that Mignola stuff doesn’t get a lot of praise for being really good serialized comics.  Individual issues are economical and read very well on there own and just as well altogether.  I’ll be re-reading this all in one sitting because I’ve already enjoyed them as installments.  Also, Patrick Stewart is Lord Baltimore in my brain.  Try it that way.

-Essential Avengers Vol.1, I had mentioned reading this in my last post and how I loved the compactness of the Kirby issues.  Now I’ve gotten to the Don Heck issues and different set of pleasures has presented itself.  Because these are some awkward looking superheroes.  Not in that stylish awkward ugly Ditko way. Heck is an Alex Raymond guy, clearly. This is more “real” awkward.  The kind of awkward of people standing around in these exact costumes spandex and all.  His action scenes are really oddly staged…not badly but very oddly, I really like it.  I mean, listen, Don Heck can draw the fuck out of classy people in suits and evening dresses talking about rich people stuff.  Anytime Heck gets to draw Tony Stark sitting around and talking he makes the most out it.  He probably would of loved to draw all the Matt Fraction sitting around and talking stuff that is going on now.  Imagine that stuff with facial expressions and angle changes!

-I’ve been working on Krazy and Ignatz 1916-1919 for a year now.  I realized that when I noticed that the next volume was due out in about a month.  So I’ve tried to imbibe about five pages a day or at a time.  These strips are so dazzling in there complexity that’s all that I can take.   Things like this and again, King City, Orc Stain, Johnny Ryan, etc, they go to show that as long as you put all your love into the content it’ll uplift the form and the whole.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011


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