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David Fincher, 2010

Gonna keep this one short.  This was just fine.  Well acted whiplash quick but hard to inhabit.  Every character is the worst kind of fast-talking snake oil salesman asshole (except the one guys whose gonna be Spider-Man).  Ummmm, the first half is more interesting that the second half.  Him building the asshole prototype site is probably the best part of the movie, the one time we get to see Zuckerberg, the character the Aspergers riddled computer genius who reads people like code, in his element.  Now read that last sentence again.  Because that’s it when it comes to Zuckerberg.  He is a static character, even when the movie says he isn’t. Jesse Eisenberg certainly gets the most out of him that he can.   But the movie seems to be saying that he does have a character arc from what the girl at the beginning says to what Rashida Jones (I heart her) says at the end…and what she says at the end seems so unearned, so untrue compared to what we’ve just seen even with the movies framing devices and subjectivity and unreliable narrator and whatever college lit term I can throw in there…again, I liked it…but it shot high and fell short…but it’s hard for me to pinpoint why exactly.  I guess  I can’t reach a proper conclusion either.  How meta.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011


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