…And they do that: Part True Grit review, Part 2010 movie overview

True Grit

2010, The Coen Brothers

I don’t know what I have to offer on this that better, smarter, um professionally trained, people have said already.  Then again that’s always the case with whatever the fuck it is I do here and I should really stop fretting about it out loud like this because its gotta be losing its charm by now.

Oh yeah, the movie.

It’s funny that the thing that the new True Grit calls attention to is not the difference between this version and the original film version, which I have never seen but I must imagine that plot aside is a different thing entirely to this, but itself and other Coen Brothers films.  And it calls attention to itself because True Grit is so straightforward, a movie almost entirely removed from the Coen Brothers usual bag of tricks, awesome tricks mind you and ones I’ve only half got my head around having seen only half their oeuvre in spread out spackled manner, and is exceptional for being exactly what it is.

I mean god, didn’t 2010 suck for movies?

Iron Man 2 was as good as the second half of Iron Man 1.  It was carried by Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke, using the Johnny Depp technique of acting in a different movie than the one he’s in, and as always the best parts were the parts where Tony Stark was building shit and using holograms.  But man, that flick had some scattershot plotting going on.

Toy Story 3, the movie Pixar didn’t feel like making.  But the cheese has gotta get sliced I guess, so they decided to make an 80s kids movie; the kind that is creepy and dark, kinda melacholy and will give an 8 year old at least one nightmare for awhile, in this case the creepy baby doll or the firey death star where characters that sound like Tom Hanks and Tim Allen accept their fucking FATE.  Put this on with The Witches and Return to Oz and a kid will sit straight and fly right for a while after.

Inception was this weird sexless movie about boring dreams and meaningless rules, and shit action,  starring actors who clearly knew they didn’t have to give a fuck, justsaythewords.  But I loved the South Park episode that came out of it.  Go watch that, its legally free on this here internet.

Black Swan…I still haven’t seen it but it’s essentially a remake of this as I understand and I remember that being advertised in some comics around that time, as a little curiosity to 11 year-old-me reading shitty relaunch Spider-Man comics.

Damnit, True Grit. Well True Grit won the year for me.  Because everybody, the Coens, I-enjoy-the-fuck-out-of-my-career Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon whose always just so dependable, and Hailee Steinfeld who I only wish the best of luck after this because she was sooooooo good.  It’s all in the service of this simple story and the straightforward western.  Something being exactly what it is about and nothing more, that deserves reward too.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2011


One thought on “…And they do that: Part True Grit review, Part 2010 movie overview

  1. Spot on Danielson! True Grit was waaaaay out of character for a Coen Bros movie…it actually had a beginning and an end, and told a decent story. Unlike ALL of their other movies. Don’t get me wrong, I like their other movies, (Big Lebowski…best movie ever.) but they seem like the Coens took a chapter out of the middle of a book and made a movie of that one chapter. But that Hailee Steinfeld acted circles around everybody! She was worth the price of admission! The dialogue wasn’t bad either! Good review! Thanx!

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