Comicdashery!-2010!! Part 1!!!

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke

People with knowledge of the novel wondered how Cooke was going to adapt it.  The novel breaks away from the main character for large stretches of time to present a string of robberies.  Cooke goes at it with relish beboping between various cartooning styles and page structures, I love the part that’s straight from the actual book with spot illustrations.  Between a tour-de-force of illustration prowess and the fact that he adapted an entire second fucking book (The Man with the Getaway Face which I reviewed in its one-shot from here).   This is just more for the evidence file that says “Darwyn Cooke won the decade.”

Love & Rockets New Stories #3

Gilbert’s part of this year thing is fine for what it is which is an entry into his obsessions with B-Movies and fucking, sugar-coated with ideas about reality and imperialism and inhumanity.  He’s fallen into a groove and it’s always interesting to read if not always great.  No, Jamie Hernandez delivered the best overall work of his career to date this year, The Love Bunglers Pt 1 and 2 with the interlude Browntown, a masterpiece of tragedy from the richest universe in all of comics.

Prison Pit Book 2

Rawness of content can easily be mistaken for a lack of form but the two are not exclusive to themselves.  Prison Pit Book 2 is as, if not more so, raw than Book 1 but shares it’s predecessor’s unbelievable form.  Johnny Ryan not only had more in him than his dada avant-garde gag/shit/fuck strips…he can do a long form story about those things.  Action, the act of doing, carries the narrative, pure momentum and astounding pace rushing your eye from panel to panel and page to page, sweeping you up into the story…not in it but very much with it.  Prison Pit doesn’t take 20 minutes to read because it lacks content, it takes 20 minutes to read because it’s supposed to.

King City/Orc Stain

God willing these comics, these fucking comics, are the first in a wave of genre-blend indie artists to get into the game.  Stokoe and Graham who love all the little things that the medium has to offer, slapping down their interests all over the page.  Graham works so well because he invites the audience into, you can’t say story, too loose for that, the lives of the comic book characters eating and talking and looking at booty, but never winking and being knowing about what he’s doing…does that make sense?  Even with all the acknowledging of an audience he never acknowledges the audience…I wish I could explain it better.  Stokoe plays his shit completely straight even though he never had to.  Orc Stain is 100 percent invested in its dick-focused fantasy world not some parody of it.  When you can feel the love the creators for the thing they created, the medium they created for, that’s special, it makes you want to try harder and be more comfortable and for the others to do the same.


You know what Daytripper is like?  It’s like>this

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010 (one last time)

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