A Score by Hans Zither would be Better.

South Park-Insheeption

I haven’t watched South Park in quite a little while.  The show has never had its edges blunted, in fact it’s gotten much sharper and meaner and that sort of thing ingested regularly can make you a little uurpy.  So when I came back to this episode it nailed it right on the noggin for me, especially because of its subject matter i.e. Inception.  I reviewed that movie early on in this blog and my feelings on that movie haven’t changed: Got it, who gives a shit.  People who didn’t get it aren’t assholes for not getting it, and are considerably lucky for not, because it was needlessly fucking complex.  That’s the thrust of the thing here while we get references to Hoarders (I’m aware of it enough to get it), a play on words joke with a Sheep Herder (only cute the first time), Freddy Kruger (this didn’t land for me) and a child molestation joke that showed up like a bus we were waiting for a long time.  But the guy doing the Hans Zimmer score with his mouth while the other guy provides exposition Always Fucking Worked and wins the day, friend (I do the same thing, but with The Dark Knight thunder soundtrack of explosioning.)

Community-Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples

It’s a hard thing to be overly clever by half and not come off as an asshole, Community toes that line very well most of the time.

This was an off week though.

It goes after its own meta-ness and only half succeeds, because it focuses on Abed, the show’s most unique character, and Shirley, its least interesting.  The old people subplot doesn’t have much lift off either as we’ve seen better variations of “Chevy is worried about being old and alone” and “Joel McHale and that blond are like a mother and father” on the show already.  It’s a bad week when your lead is visibly bored by the script.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010


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