No, I’m Not going to watch The Walking Dead

Mad Men-Tomorrowland

Relatively, a quiet season finale.  No resolution to the business problems, I kind of expected there wouldn’t be. Though their is some promise of a future for the newer firm.  I suspect it will be there next season, next time jump, which will probably not be as expansive as other between season time jumps.   Don gets engaged to that secretary who I actually really like, fulfilling the promise of some pretty clumsy foreshadowing really early in the season.  Joan having the baby, confirmed.  Lots of resolution in this episode but it’s passive in action.

It’s the last minutes of the show, Don and Betty’s only real conversation of the entire season.  I realized that maybe the whole season was a feint, time ticking to get to this moment.  Everything that has happened to Don is just him getting over her and here at the end…he still hasn’t, they still do love each other no matter what they say, but adulthood and marriage and psychosis are opaque layers that obfuscate love.  They walk away in different directions of obvious symbolism (Season 4 seems to be full of it) but fuck it, that end sold.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010


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