beatniks addicted to heroin? try historical INaccuracy, jerk.

Mad Men-Blowing Smoke

And so season 4 it seems will exist as a dichotomy with season 3.

Season 3: Home Focused/Sad until the End.

Season 4: Work Focused/Joyful until the End.

Roger Sterling’s finest moment probably isn’t coming.  A friend of mine brought up the idea of Sal Romano coming back and blackmailing the Lucky Strike guy but that seems a little off the board now.  I can’t guess what’s coming next because, they never do the most obvious thing on this show, I don’t know what the obvious thing is now.  What makes a business stop failing?

Don didn’t see inspiration in the painting for some sort of master plan it was just what sparked the idea for the letter.  Thanks Season 1 beatnik lady.  Does anybody who leaves the show for a long spell of time ever come back better off than before?  Is this show really about how the 60s killed the 50s?

They raised the fuck out of the stakes.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010


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