Loss is the Rules of the Game

Mad Men-Chinese Wall

So here we are at the Cusp of the cusp of the end of the season.  The new firm’s continued existence is now thrown into jeopardy as often foreshadowed and when it comes to this sort of thing, the ups and downs of the firm, when it is either mega crisis or mega upswing, Mad Men buzzes at it’s best.  This is a very palpable threat, that this could break down and next season could be about all the characters at different firms or doing whatever after this is a failure.  If something foreshadowing the reversal of this development has been laid down than I’ve missed it except,  I’m thinking we’re about to maybe see Roger Sterling’s finest hour.  Again, Roger Sterling’s development has been one of the most impressive things about this season.

Have you noticed that all of Peggy’s best moments this season has been as a comic foil?  Scooting on a scooter, peeking over the wall into Don’s office, lipstick on her teeth.  But I just don’t care about who she is randomly fucking this time and I understand the point in that it parallels with Don’s Manwhoriness but that doesn’t make it compelling.

Megan the new secretary wasn’t even on the bracket for me and she swooped in to win the whole thing.  That’s a Cinderella story that will warm your heart.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010




One thought on “Loss is the Rules of the Game

  1. that girl is super cute. and she was in get him to the greek. my comments are meant not to be helpful. this blog is awesome.

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