Death in Thin Cut Suits

Tokyo Drifter

Seijun Suzuki, 1966

Coming out of Japan’s version of the Double-Bill Cheapie Toky0 Drifter blazes with individualism.  It makes no sense, something about a building and two gangsters trying to retire.  Watari as Tetsu kicks up some shit and bops outta Tokyo to hit the road to do…some stuff, mainly get into more gangland fights.  He can’t escape his past and go into his future…of drifting until he kills the fuck out of everyone and look awesome in lightly colored suits.  Its all style and goddamn even the style doesn’t make sense sometimes but there is always something Tres cool to look at in every scene.  83 minutes spent damn well.

Get Carter

Mike Hodges, 1971

Michael Caine has been a stone faced fuck up til this point.  Even though his humor is dry dry dry and he has cracked the wry smile once or twice and he even had phone sex with his girlfriend type person to make his whore of an innkeeper wet n hot.  But he’s stayed on the rigid path of professional revenge.  Then he realizes the extent, the nature, the full reality of the situation he’s been investigating and we watch him break down under the weight only and then build up again to a crescendo of full fury vengeance a hurricane of violence nobody can escape and nobody deserves to.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010

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