Joan Wore Nerd Glasses, Awesomer than Fuck

Mad Men-The Beautiful Girls

1)  IF they continue in this direction, I may enjoy the hipsters that Peggy hang around with more.  Her acting as the pragmatic realist to a bunch of hippie anti-corporation bullshit rhetoric is way more interesting than the Peggy is with the youth and is gonna learn some shit and eat pussy thing.  Well that last thing will probably happen

2) YES, totally men are unemphatic and don’t know how to handle emotions, 1965.  Fuck you very much writers room.

3)  DOWNSLIDE, is how I would describe Don’s paramours from season to season.  Less interesting by the season and I swear to god I keep forgetting that the blond lady here is supposed to matter as some sort of lady equivalent to Don but she’s fucking stoppit.

4) BUT, I totally buy all the Roger and Joan stuff in this episode and this really did feel like a lot of payoff to their relationship since Joan married Doctor Rape-O.

5)  BETTY, however and I may have said this before because, is awesome now.  I don’t know what January Jones is doing instead of being in every episode but when she does show up as this seething piece of hatefuck it’s fantastic.

6) WHAT is the deal with random secretaries becoming important.  The secretaries have had more screen time than like, Pete, this season.  Not a problem just an observation.

7)THESE Mad Men things will most likely be done on Friday from now on.

See ya in a week

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010


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