A Quick Thing About…

Mystery Team

Dan Eckman, 2009

What was most impressive about Mystery Team was how it was willing to go to its logical place in a way something else like usually wouldn’t.  It get’s there by undercutting its own logic up to that point and changing the game by allowing reality to really crash in on these characters, killing the main joke (there delusional man children) and shit these guys just became real to me in a way I didn’t expect and this just went from amusing to pretty damn good.

Curse of Frankenstein

Terrence Fisher, 1957

The movie is good.  It’s entertaining and fast, even in its quiet moments.  Peter Cushing’s tight-lipped charisma carries the thing as it always will (see the Hammer version of The Hound of the Baskervilles, fucking awesome.)  It doesn’t give a fuck about staying close to the original book.  The original book would have cost a few mil to make right and they had 500, 000 and fuck you were not leaving Frankenstein castle.  The color blazes, the horror is all in front of you, the red is red as red can be red on-screen and even though they hadn’t quite latched onto the Busty Brit Babes idea fully there’s some promise here.  Neat-o.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010

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