Tobey Maguire Crying Face

Mad Men-The Suitcase

If I remember correctly there is usually this sort of dark night of the soul/revelatory episode every season after we reach the midpoint and shit its start to actually time to start bringing this fucker together says the writers room.

So we it’s here that we finally refocus on Peggy and Don together and their relationship outside of the work context.  Actually from without and from within.  Mad Men likes to string things out for a long time before finally doing a big revelatory episode that completely shifts things (Betty finally confronting Don).  Though the thing about that episode and this one is that while there is always a satisfaction to getting these things out on the table, it always feels kind of…pat?  I can’t say its unearned though?  I certainly didn’t dislike this episode.  It was very good and it will be interesting to see what happens now between Don and Peggy since hippie California lady is dead and now Peggy has taken that role of “lady that understands Don in a non-sexual context” but they work together and see each other all the time.  Maybe that’s the thing though is that I left the episode wondering what’s going to happen next rather than being into what just happened.

Shit.  A-.  Totally despite pretty much all of that stuff I just said.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010


3 thoughts on “Tobey Maguire Crying Face

  1. Don crying was hard to watch. It reminded me of my dad crying. The I-shouldn’t-be-crying-but-can’t-control-it face. It was just like my dad.

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