Evil Afro: The Preludening

And so it is that I enter into the realm of issue by issue analysis of a comic book.  A practice already done much better than people much smarter than me and better at writing to boot.  I am the wee lad of this grand blogging tradition.

Initially, I was going to do a grand sweeping overview of Chris Claremont’s X-Men run.  That quickly became an impracticable idea as I still have large chunks of that run missing.  It’s also been done a lot lately.  There’s at least three different overviews out there in various stages of completion to choose from and I’m not going to try to cram another one in there.  It’s over, it’s viewed.

I needed something that was a medium length run.  More than 12 issues/less than 25.  Nothing currently ongoing, in fact, nothing current at all.  Goodbye Geoff Johns Green Lantern, so long New Avengers Vol. 1.

Last year I read Douglas Wolk’s book Reading Comics and my favorite sections were about Tomb of Dracula (the bits and pieces I’ve read over the years I’ve super enjoyed, but alas, too long to do, and my preferred Essential Marvel format for that is hard to find and expensive.  Gene Colan is the king of the black and white reprint swear to god) and Jim Starlin’s Warlock run.

14-15 issues long.  Collected in the Marvel Special Edition format in the 1980s on nice Baxter paper (I have one issue in this format picked up after I got out of high school.)  This was a six issue run and each issue was oversized and contained 2-3 issues each within.  And they’re inexpensive to boot.  I remember very little of the actual content of Mr. Wolk’s passage that I don’t need worry about ripping it off.

And so it is that Evil Afro, an issue by issue look at/oped/whatever series will begin.  I’ll start at the start with Strange Tales #178.  What fun we’ll have.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010

One thought on “Evil Afro: The Preludening

  1. Goodgravyjeezus–This is one of my most favorite runs in all of comics. Agitative subversive stories masquerading as a Superhero space opera. It was exactly what 14 year old me needed to read. A grim hero powerlessly careening to his sad fate, proclaiming the power of the individual!

    Also, it had Thanos.

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