Who the Hell is Dr. Lyle Evans?

Mad Men-The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Me and apparently everyone on the internet tried to find out and an online page for the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan with a Dr. Lyle Evans entry crashed.  I doubt this is whom he was referencing.


Didn’t last week suck ass?  That was like the worst one ever.

This was much better by comparison but it was hard for me to watch.  I have a deep sense of embarrassment and I get really empathetic whenever the fictional characters in my stories embarrass themselves.  Let’s face it there is probably nothing more embarrassing than the burgeoning sexuality of preteens especially girls because I don’t understand how it operates for them and any glimpse into it makes me hunch my shoulders and grimace comically.  Sally is like Natalie Wood in that movie where she wanted to fuck but couldn’t and then she cut her hair and lost her shit.  Aged 10.

Roger and Bert!  Wasn’t it time appropriate and, I don’t wanna say refreshing but, refreshing that they’re bigoted?  Racial tensions have always been on the fringes of the show, a thing that’s happening somewhere else and no main characters up till now have not seemed to exhibit these behaviors.  Bert was probably born in 1890-something and Roger near the end of or a little after WWI.  Of course Bert calls black people “them” and Roger distrusts the Japanese!  It’s not pleasant but it is sensible the characters.

When you take away the Roger being a prick aspect of it wasn’t the whole Japanese Businessman thing kind of sitcom-y to you? It was to me.  Those crazy Japanese and their culture! Don’s got an incompetent rival!  Weregonnapullafastoneonhim23skidoo! Madetheotherguyspendalltheremoneyain’tthatasandwich?  Honestly the only way this aspect of the show would have worked is IF everyone talked like a Katherine Hepburn fast talking career gal.

One of the problems I’m having this season is the complete lack of any sort of female counter part for Don.  No, not lack.  It’s actually an overabundance.  Waspy girl (the cutie pie from the first episode of the season), neighbor girl with the short hair, bitchy survey lady from last week, that prostitute, pissed off secretary and now that saucy blond from that kitchen scene. She peeled mister none of your business like a banana didn’t she?  It’s all kind of underdeveloped.  Even if it’s a byproduct of Don’s mansluttiness it doesn’t make it a better situation.

Don’s old lady secretary is a stitch.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010


4 thoughts on “Who the Hell is Dr. Lyle Evans?

  1. You’re commenting on another writer’s work, yet you can’t tell the difference between “there” and “they’re”?

    Check your work, my friend, then get back to us.

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