Proto-Hippies and Beatniks: The Fine Taste of 60’s Smugness

Mad Men-The Rejected

To follow-up another point from last week, Barney Miller comes on at 9 on WGN and its an hour block.  I feel I’ve made the optimum selection.

I took notice that John Slattery directed this one.  Good for him.  Did you see him as Iron Man’s Dad earlier this year?  Wasn’t that cool?  It was cool.  I bring it up because I kind of want to  be nice about the fact that John Slattery directed the most listless episode of this show ever. I was pretty bored by it.

It’s kind of a Pete episode I guess?  Pete learns he’s going to be a Father at the same time he has to cut off business with his Father-in-Law but instead uses the opportunity to squeeze more money out of him to look good for the firm.  This is the umpteenth time they’ve played that “Pete is a total prick” card after going for a little while of him not being a total prick.  But shit, has he grown as a character at all?  I mean he stopped trying to fuck Peggy and I sure like his wife now that I realize she’s on Community which is a really good show.  See?  There I go again bringing up things I liked better because this episode, dude, this episode might as well have been Rubicon for how interesting it was.

No, that’s not fair.

This episode was peppered with a few funny little bits. Most of them Peggy oriented.  When Peggy sticks her head up after Don’s BangSecretary has her freak out.  Peggy had a couple of funny lines in that Art Warehouse thing that fell out of Andy Warhol’s ass. When that hipster dude that works for Peggy “I’d get her SO pregnant.”   Countdown to when she fucks him too, god bless her, but it’ll be after she fucks lesbian reporter.  Is it a back-handed compliment to say they did a really good job casting a lesbian?  She was a real looking lesbian.  I don’t know how to say this better. ” Shut up.

Don’s old lady secretary.  The ultimate solution to his Secretary problem.

That ending with Peggy going with the proto-hippies and Pete hanging out with a bunch of old guys with suits.  Fuck you writers of Mad Men for that one.    How about developing a point for this season before you shove that heavy-handed sort of times changing symbolism in my face.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010


5 thoughts on “Proto-Hippies and Beatniks: The Fine Taste of 60’s Smugness

  1. This was indeed, so weak ass shit. The most ponderous, boring, obvious nothing of an episode. They should have split the first half of last week’s Don in California vignette with this half an episode worth of stuff. And then done a whole episode of Don at Christmas. I would watch a show that is only that!

    I hope the Peggy has a lesbian fling goes nowhere, cause there is nothing duller than men writing women being lesbians. See Buffy, both the show and the-boring-as-fuck-comic-based-on-based-on-the-boring-ass-show.

  2. It seems kind of dumb when I think about it, how I wanted this show to keep the your various 60s youth culture stuff on the fringes. As a, I don’t know, off-screen nemesis to the aging and aged acting Sterling Cooper mindset? The prospect of Peggy Olsen scissoring is the most anti-arousing thing since…Peggy Olsen was fucking Duck Phillips.

    But the prospect of having to hear nattering 60s hipster bullshit from Peggy’s new friends is even worse.

  3. The key–and by that I mean THE KEY–to my enjoyment of Mad Men has been the lack of ’60s greatest hits cliches.

    Can you do a cranky post debunking the myth the Forrest Gump is a worthwhile movie?

  4. I kinda liked this episode. The exchange between Peggy and the kooky artist was hilarious. Maybe I’m just not homophobic like you two.

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