Comicdashery! or “That Black Woman is Not the Asian Woman We Originally Had Need of.”

Brightest Day #7

4 months in and the plot kicks in finally…and it’s the plot of the last season of Lost.  A bunch of people protecting a light white that gives life or something like that.  And it is just too soon to be invoking that again.  It just hurts too much.   Also all the costume alterations that have been happening in Blackest Night/Brightest Day remind me of that Lisa Lionheart episode of The Simpsons where Lisa’s doll is a flop because Malibu Stacy has a hat now.

“She still embodies all the same awful stereotypes she did before!”

“But…she has a hat!”

Batman Odyssey #2/New Mutants Forever #1 

I’m lumping these two forever because they are the Big Two’s version of a “thank you” book.  Chris Claremont made the X-Men, Neal Adams made Batman (and incidentally the X-Men a little bit as well because what is the Claremont/Byrne run but one big extrapolation of Roy Thomas and Neal Adams) and well,if they aren’t making the most of it?    So far I can’t accuse either one of them of going back the apple tree of there past successes for these new projects (X-Men Forever too of course).  Because other people have strip mined that stuff to fucking shit and they know it.  So does that make this stuff any good?  Kind of?  It’s not straight awful, it’s definitely not these guys at there peak.  But it is genuinely interesting and that works for right now.

Staying with the Old School…

Captain America: Forever Allies #1

I am so glad I live in a world where Roger Stern gets to do this sort of comic book.  Action/Adventure, succinct characterization, and plotting and y’know it’s not ashamed to remind you in a not stupid or ham-fisted way that racism is real and bad.  I could  hand this thing to a smart 8-year-old.  Which should be kind of the goal with superhero comics.  Go re-read so older Roger Stern stuff.  It’s aged like fine wine I swear to god.  He’s always gotten it.

Ultimate Avengers 2 #6

or as it actually turned out to be inside

Hawkeye and Mockingbird #3

I’ll be honest, I picked up the former because I wanted to give myself the soft lob of picking on Mark Millar and his general fucking terribleness.  I’m not above such things.  When I got the latter I was like fine I guess.  And it was fine.  Not spectacular not at terrible in any way.  Very competent.  This a terrible review.  Fuck you Hawkeye and Mockingbird #3 you ruined my Mark Millar rant you whore.  It was going to be great too.  I was really going to give to him.  Now I’ll have to give it to you.  Why do you make me get this way?!?


I’m sorry baby you know how I get sometimes.  I don’t mean to hurt you, you know that right? Please just stop crying.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010


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