When Shit Fails

I guess the point of this blog is, at best, a means of tracking my obsessions?  No not obsessions I think that takes a few more years on subject matter than I’ve put in or have behind me.  As pop culture analysis maybe, pop that I like.  It’s definitely not as good as others who do it but I do have my fun doing it.

What brings me to this, this my first post that I can’t hang on neat visual aides is that this post is about another post you’ll NEVER see I think.

It was this thing and it was about how Marvel Two-in-One and The Thing were the precursors to Hellboy.  All of these things (ha) about Mignola translating the Kirby curmudgeon with a heart of gold and the old plot structures of Marvel Two-In-One replacing the histrionics of the Marvel Superhero universe into dense atmosphere of Old World mythology and gothic horror.  And when I explained it out loud or even jotted it down in a loose idea form (much akin to this paragraph you’re…reading…right…now) it made sense.

Good god I could not make that fucker hang together in essay form.

The first draft was fucking embarrassing.  I was full on in a James Ellroy high and that draft…I sent that to two people.  One of them was able to get some salvageable gems from that nonsense and the other person never got back to me on it and never mentioned, thank god.

I wish I had a better knowledge of writing process so I could explain in a technical way that no matter how I tried to shape and edit this piece of writing it just wouldn’t take.  So I finally just had to drop it altogether.  It had a good title though. Yeah.

BUT:  It does bring me just a bit closer to a subject matter that is close to my being.  Failure.  I am soooo interested in failure.  When shit fails.  Why shit fails.  How shit fails. The process of failure.  Because failure is interesting and interesting is just as often better than good.

I cite one more example and as promised I refer to Tati’s Play Time.  Go read about it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playtime.  Again it’s one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen…and it bankrupted him.

Hey, I lied.  Here’s a picture.


-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010

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