Look At…

Jacques Tati

One of my favorite directors, with only a brief filmography of six films.  His most famous creation is Monsieur Hulot who was the starring character in four of his films, including one of my top like 3 favorite movies the dense and joyful Playtime from where I draw my banner and I hope to do an extensive post on at some point.  Look it up on wikipedia for the fascinating backstory and of course give the movie a look.

Now you might be wondering why the fuck he has a windmill in his mouth in this picture.  I quote Times Blogger Charles Bremner: “Tati has been treated to an acclaimed show at the national Cinémathèque, which I mentioned last week. They chose for their poster an archetypal shot of Tati/Hulot from his 1958 classic Mon Oncle. The pipe was Hulot’s trademark, along with the raincoat, and it is part of the collective memory for everyone who was around in the 50s and 60s. But it proved too much for the RATP, the transit authority, which refused to show it in the Métro and on its buses. The pipe might, they feared, appear to be an incitement to smoke and a breach of the anti-tobacco laws.”  This and that burka ban thing, France isn’t that liberal like we think it is basedoffnothing.  I digress.

-Daniel Von Egidy, 2010

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